Bankruptcy Anyone?

To all of you who went to college got a credit card, worked shit jobs, for shittier pay and now have debt that makes life impossible, well . . . can you say indenture?

"The rich ruleth over the poor, and the borrower is servant to the lender," - Proverbs 22:7.

If the idea of declaring bankruptcy has been on your mind recently, the time to act is now. The new bankruptcy law, signed by President Bush in April, is set to take effect in October of this year. The law makes it much more difficult, if not impossible, for people with unmanageable debts to get a fresh financial start in life. Furthermore, the law is slated to take effect just as new credit card policies doubling average monthly minimum payments is set to take effect. If your payments are just barely manageable now, they will soon be unmanageable, just as the bankruptcy window slams shut.