U.S. - Chinese relations

There are a number of things I want to get off my chest. It’s too hot to drink, to hot to lift and . . . well, let’s just say this is the best outlet for my angst. So this is one.

Who will win between the US and China?

Yeah just so you know. This whole war on terror thing isn’t really about terrorism. It’s about controlling oil reserves and strategic land positions. Just in case we have to kick some ass on the other side of the world because some damn country with a couple of billion people decided to fuck with the stability of markets that we conquered “fair and square” (all’s fair in war). In my opinion, Americans are pathological enough to understand that. All this bullshit about how we want to spread democracy and freedom; we can’t even do that here. Anyway, if you simply tell American people that in the next 20 years or so oil, black gold, Texas T, is going to become more expensive as supplies become increasingly more scarce. That means that the price of oil will increase which means that the energy required to run an economy will increase. Therefore, who ever controls more oil can out compete her rivals. Now if President W (gotta maintain respect for the office) would simply say “In twenty years you will be China’s bitch if we don’t go to war right now, today” I think Americans would be incredibly open to his suggestions.

That brings me to another observation. He won’t say that because for him its not about America, the country, our ideals, our constitution, our way of life, the security of our family’s, the safety of our neighborhoods , the education of our children, or our posterity. For “President” W (always respectful), it’s about him; his profits, his family’s profits, and how much he and his cronies can control for their personal gain.

But I digress. I thought for a long time China would win due to sheer body count. Perhaps not. Then I discussed, with an associate, the possibility of the MTV effect. After considering the power of American consumer culture, the most powerful weapon on the planet to date, I thought we could win. But maybe not. China, unlike the coalition of forces that comprise the “Western World,” was never rooted in or to any significant degree influenced by Platonism and Judaism. There was no Classical Greek Renaissance in China and there was no Great Crusade to Save The Holy land. If our strategic calculations are not made with these two facts in mind, they will never work. MTV, in China will be popular for vastly different reasons than MTV in the West. The “MAN” of the “EAST” is not the same as the “MAN” in the “WEST.” If the American ideological battle is not waged at the level of humanism, then we have lost and the Dragon will devour George (sainted or not).