Dolphins Rookie Cries During Practice

A Generation of Wussies? (What Planet is This?)

Manuel Wright is having difficulty adjusting to the NFL, his coach yelled at him.

If the young man has psychological problems or a severe chemical imbalance – ok.

Barring that – toughen up butter cup – its football! This is the last bastion of testosterone filled male aggression; respect the game; respect yourself. I think this all started back in the 80-‘s when the suburbanite precursor to the soccer mom decided that everybody should get a trophy. The idea that you get a reward just for being on the team is absolutely ridiculous. What the hell ever happened to winning, best man wins, “to the victor go the spoils,” “the agony of defeat,” “take no prisoners,” “there is no tomorrow,” “pain does not exist in this Dojo,” “game time,” “kill or be killed,” “ride or die;” hell the other team’s cheerleaders?

I hate dilettante gym rats who spend more time selecting a workout outfit than they do working out, who think running on a machine is “cardio.” Back in the day that was shit you did when you were injured and couldn’t workout for real. Padded weights? 2 ½ pound dumbbells??? Just give me a good old fashioned animal house, with two axe metal and rap blasting from an old stereo with real wood speakers and an eight track. Benches taped and re-stuffed with foam, chipped mirrors, string tank T’s, and a metal bar across a door frame in front of a mirror where everybody can see your ass as you go from none to gun. A beast factory with rusty metal plates, a nautilus machine in the corner for old time’s sake, and a jump rope (now that’s cardio). Just give me a place where people are committed to the task at hand, have a love of the game and an appreciation and respect for their chosen endeavor that only comes from perseverance, reflection, suffering, honesty and an inner strength that distinguishes the great from the also ran. God damn it!

There is no crying in Football.