Interview with Hiroshi Yoshii

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Tell us a little bit about yourself.
I am an illustrator who lives in Tokyo. I work mainly for a publishing/media company, creating advertisements and company mascots. I also often do overseas jobs; especially in France. As a child, I loved clay and crayons. My parents forbade me from watching TV cartoons or reading comic books until I was 12 years old, and when they lifted that restriction I rebelliously immersed myself in them. Star Wars also helped lead to my interest in visual art. I wanted to become a comic artist, but realized that I was not a good storyteller. Therefore, I shifted my goals to become an illustrator. I worked for a design company in Nagoya as a graphic designer for seven years, after which I moved to Tokyo in 1990 to begin work as an illustrator. I purchased a Macintosh IIci, WACOM graphics tablet and Painter in 1992, after which I came to do a great deal of work. Starting in 1995 I wrote a lot of magazine articles and 5 books about Painter, and then in 1998 received the Grand Prix award in MetaCreations' "Beyond the Canvas" digital art competition.