Public Wi-Fi Networks?

This seems like bad news for monopolist, if the price to provide municipal wireless is around $20/month for high-speed wireless, then why use a company that cost more? But it seems like the telecom corporations are going work their magic and have the government screw the public over so private companies can profit.

by Heather McGhee, Demos

Fast, reliable access to the internet -- broadband -- has quickly become an indispensable asset in American life. To the businesses and families who rely on it, the internet's basically priceless, offering security and opportunity as well as any financial asset. But since its inception in
America, the internet has also been in the unique position of being a utility--a community asset--delivered exclusively by private businesses. So what happens when what's good for the community isn't good for the businesses' bottom lines? In the rural Midwest, hundreds of thousands of citizens get left without on-ramps to the Information Superhighway.