Blacks must lay foundation for independence movement

African Americans are as politically homeless today as they were in the early 20th century. The "bank" of black leadership is broke! African Americans need a new paradigm of political engagement that is independent, uncompromising and not for sale. The "black vote" should be competed for by all in the political marketplace. Black consumer wealth ($660 billion per year) should be leveraged strategically so national and international market forces are forced to compete for it. African Americans, not others, must control the value of their political and economic stock so they can more effectively tackle important issues affecting black existence. African Americans need an "independent paradigmatic approach" that is based on and seeks to preserve their conservative traditions, values, experiences; their heritage of economic independence; their struggle against all forms of injustice, particularly white supremacy and its antecedents; and their cultural distinctiveness, faith-based traditions and custom of community loyalty and national patriotism.