Random Thoughts

OK very few Thai really speak english. Enough so you can order a drink or a massage but they have pretty much the basic tourist vocabulary you, buy, and every number combination necessary to transact buisness. Oddly this numeracy begins to break down when strong haggling breaks in.

Germans are every fucking place.

Arab Oil Brats are asshoooooles.

The US and MTV have really fucked the world for Black folk. Without fail, every foreign teenager with or near cable or satellite television believes that the universal "Black" folk greeting is "Wassup".

American means white.

No the color doesn't rub off.

Johnny Walker and Marlboro rule the world.

Johnny Walker owns entire clubs.

No one in Asia can pour a drink.

The DJs are fucking astonishing.

The clubbers can't dance worth shit (it mighthelp if they put down the damn digicams for a minute)

You can't smoke anywhere but you refuse to develop emission standards so the only safe place is inside a bubble or a fume hood . . . why bother?

I can only dance with four women at a time.

Asians love to gamble.

They still believe numbers are mystical.

Bellboys still shoot the best craps. They can't play poker worth shit.

Cockfights are the shit.

Whatever the fuck we were drinking also removes most stains.

They request that you check your gun before entering the mall.

They still haven't recovered from synchronized dancing. (Painful)

They fucking love Mariah Carey.

Its hard to get a decent bottle of hot sauce.

They think the whole Katrina thing is shady too. (Isn't New Orleans Closer than Phuket (tsunami))

They have no idea why we haven't kicked the shit out of white people.

They have way too many ads for whitening cream.

They still think Jordan is GOD!

And no I don't know him!!

Finally, its offically a universal rule -- Bitches choose.