Dear Athena

16,293,600 minutes. At the end of the present solar cycle is how long I will have been on line. Those in the symposium pose the question: why continue the blog? To which I answer – while it seems like vanity now history will absolve me. Death is certain and life is not. And while I continue to draw breath on this side of creation I must remain true to what I am – a scientist. Observation, collection, reflection and analysis are the tools of the trade. I remain an American, by blood, land, and contract. Until that contract is dissolved I must hold on to the belief that it will be honored, if not by the present executors of this great trust called the United States of America then, by their posterity – our posterity.

The rationality of technical domination in pursuit of the exploitation of capital has led to a growing fascist totalitarianism fueled by apocalyptic visions of rabid Christians in pursuit of rapture. Meanwhile the masses, the demos, the people, the WE have been subjugated into a complacent complicity through the manipulation of vanity, the propagation of ignorance and the exploitation of greed. There is enough energy, there is enough food, there are enough resources – scarcity is a myth. The largest possible sustainable community for political discourse is 100,000; anything beyond that is a tower of Babel - incoherent, ineffective, manipulable and exploitable. We spend our days working jobs we hate to buy shit we don’t need. Our water is fouled, our food denatured, our days are toil and our rest is haunted. The patterns of power have repeated more than once the lines are clear – freedom of speech, thought, association, choice, and action are being curtailed. The United States is a nation of sovereign individuals whose collective ascent is the source of governing authority – even the authority to abdicate. Corporations are a fiction created by men for the benefit of capital where power concentrates to exploit the many for the benefit of the few. The greatest dispensation of god is choice. Some choose failed careers and dreams of money over the wealth of family and the treasure of joy. In the end, when they ask “how did it come to this?” Know, by word and deed we sentenced ourselves. The road toward serfdom is long but the last mile of the way is charted here.