Kilpatrick Loses Ear-'Bling' For Mayoral Run

In what appeared to be a new campaign tactic, Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick removed his trademark diamond earring. "As long as I am mayor of this town, I'll never put it back in," said Kilpatrick. Kilpatrick campaigned for re-election Wednesday night without his earring, Local 4 reported. The mayor said he removed it the day after a September debate with challenger Freman Hendrix. Kilpatrick said he watched video footage of the debate and decided, "It's time for it to go." Kilpatrick, who has embraced his reputation as a hip-hop mayor, has sported the earring for several years, Local 4 reported. "It was insignificant to me, but it was so significant to the people of this city," said Kilpatrick. Full

“It wasn’t that significant to me.”


Then, punk, you shouldn’t have had it in the first place.

I’m not saying a man can’t change. But if you went in with it on . . . you punk ass BITCH! Where was this logic with the big ass truck, the strip clubs, and the misappropriation of funds? You think removing an earring is going to all of the sudden help your credibility? Try not fucking up the city of Detroit. See what that will do for your credibility. To some folk I know, right and left mean something. Blue and red mean something. Five and six mean something. A name tattooed means something more than a passing trend. Stop frontn’. Now you may not agree with what these things mean but at least respect what they represent, misguided though you think they may be. Some things are deeper than an individual, some things have been paid for in blood and some things have been fought and won over generations. I’m tired of people adopting shit because they think it’s fashionable. From baseball caps to crosses; from tattoos to earrings. Vanity is not a good enough reason. Damn brother, as big as you are . . . you need to get your weight up.