What's Wrong with Europe?

What’s wrong with Europe?

They will say that the problem is Islam. It is not. They will say that the problem is acculturation. It is not. They will say that these people are not French. They are. But they are not white. Therein lays the rub. Europe is racist and greedy (like you didn’t know). The problem that has erupted in the suburbs of France has its roots in poverty, racism and oppression. With more intellectual production per capita than any other country you might think that France could have avoided this one. But no, alas, it cannot be. France, more so than any other nation, is delusional. We are French they say, “Liberty, Fraternity and Equality” – Bullshit! You are the same greedy racist, imperial, capitalist as your other European brethren. Let’s be honest you were a nation founded by barbarians; plundering, murdering, conquering, barbarians.

This leads me to another point. Europe is about to become a hotbed of racism and hypocrisy the likes of which have not been seen since the inquisition. And it will all be for the sake of purity. How long can an identity be constituted against a negative ideal and remain coherent. How long has Europe gorged herself on the riches of the world? How long has she destroyed countries so that she could live a while longer in the sun? How long has Europe laughed and ignored the poverty and hunger of those countries she exploited – replying to their pleas for aid and relief with: be French, speak French, live French. “Let them eat Cake!” What’s wrong with Europe? The same thing that is wrong with France. It has become a tyrant and a leach. Draining the world of its resources and repressing the darker people of the world. If it was bad policy for the United States what makes you think it would work for Europe?

The rioters are the children of immigrants from North Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa. Schools have been on holiday in France, giving these youths even more time on their hands, and it's also the end of the Ramadan fasting period, a time when nerves are already on edge. Their rebellion is directed against anything that even remotely reminds them of state authority, even the mailman. They are beyond reason, and no one, not their parents, not their teachers and least of all the authorities can get through to them.

Social divisions in today's French society run along ethnic and religious lines, and they also signify deep cultural rifts. The ideal of the French republic -- the nation as a community of the willing, of citizens who enjoy equal rights, regardless of their ethnic origins or religious beliefs -- is giving way to a volatile co-existence among communities that want to retain their identities and live according to their own rules. The official French position has always been to condemn multiculturalism -- and yet the state must now deal with the consequences.