Burned Out?


So what are some symptoms you're suffering from job burnout? Mary Rose Remington, author of "Career Quest, a Practical and Spiritual Guide To Finding Your Life's Passion" (Heartwood Publishing), says there are 10 signs that it's close to quitting time -- concrete indicators that you are "crispy."

1. Sunday evenings depress you.

2. The quality of your work has suffered, but you don't care.

3. You arrive consistently late to work.

4. You call in sick when healthy.

5. You've become emotionally distant from your coworkers.

6. Your job has taken a toll on your mental and/or physical health to the point where friends and family have expressed concern.

7. Upon hearing rumors of layoffs, you pray, "Please, God, take me!"

8. You don't have enough work to keep busy, but lack motivation to seek new assignments.

9. Time drags and you constantly watch the clock.

10. The lights around your desk or workspace burn out frequently.