Living Single

This is actually part 2 of a four part series that the Chicago Sun Times ran. It must be that time again, Mary, Mariah and Toni all have new albums. Who knew the very model of a modern major general would be Oprah.

While some single women are thrilled to be "marriage free," those unattached females who draw most of the media ink are those who'd rather not be. Women today put it all out there, trying everything from pricey dating services to church singles groups, from co-ed cooking classes to old-fashioned blind dates. But in an age where upwardly mobile professional women can afford life's necessities and then some, why do they still find it so important to find a man? Finding and landing Mr. Right in today's commodity-driven world is probably one of the toughest deals these successful women will ever try to close.


Part 1 Redefining single

Part 3 Established, older women tackling parenthood solo

Part 4 Black woman's quandary