Check Mate

This is what happens when you let lawyers run amuck, they are, by design, trained to serve (Esq). They will always defer to some form of executive authority and are possessed of a morality that is based on retribution and victory. They are what they are: mercenary.

Ted Kennedy brought out Alito's record as a federal judge upholding abusive law-enforcement officers' behavior: strip-searching a ten-year-old girl, and pointing loaded guns at an unarmed family, after breaking into a home to enforce an eviction order. But we have still not heard Alito provide a satisfactory answer to a direct question about the most important issue hovering over these hearings: executive power. Alito backpedaled on a phrase in his 1985 job application to the Justice Department when Kennedy quoted it to him: "I believe very strongly in the supremacy of the elected branches of government." Alito said he regretted his choice of words. It was "poorly phrased," and in fact he believed, and always has believed, in the balance of power among equal branches of government. But Kennedy went on, "Your record still shows . . . excessive, almost single-minded deference to executive power."