Here Comes the Bullshit

So now Al “Dooo” Sharpton has tagged in on the you didn’t check with us bandwagon. Short and sweet . . . Aaron McGruder made fun of Black folk. Guess what? That’s what he gets paid to do. But he better watch out before Oprha gets him on her couch. Anybody notice that Mississippi Big Mamma startin’ to creep out in Oprah. I think it’s the hips. She’ll probably do a show about the “controversy” rather than covering the fact that 80% of Black people in New Orleans are GONE. I know she won’t talk about female prisoners we were not holding.

Al Sharpton v Aaron McGruder “Celebrity Death Match”

Aaron McGruder is a cartoonist, great cartoonist, funny, clever, innovative even but genius . . . no.

Al Sharpton, and McGruder is right on this point . . . AL SHARPTON HAS A PERM IN 2006! You can’t take him seriously. Sorry man, there is only one James Brown.

Finally, if you cared so damn much for Dr. King’s Legacy you would realize we don’t have time for this Bullshit!