Arm Leg Leg Arm Head – Forgive me for my damn sins

What up Ya'll (February 22, 2005)

Welcome to My Experiment.

Undoubtedly this may become more self absorbed and weird as time progresses but Fuck It. From time to time I will attempt to make some small contribution to the interpetation of the world in which we live while all the while attempting to escape to a new one. If anyone finds a way out -- Holla. Till then I've got my rock hammer and lovely Raquel -- shhh! don't tell. I can spell most of the time and type some of the time, and punctuate correctly; occasionally. If you don't understand ask, if you still don't get it ask again, if you don't get it then . . . let it go. In short: "Yeah, I know, its spelled wrong, punctuated wrong, and the grammer don't fit." But you get my meanin'.

Last Year we poured for ya'. This year: Life Goes On.

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