Afghans burn '60 tons of drugs'

Weren’t we supposed to have stopped taliban drug production?

<>The Afghan authorities say they have burned more than 60 tons of illegal drugs in a demonstration of their efforts to curb drugs trafficking. Piles of drugs were set alight at eight locations around the country, the biggest being on the outskirts of the capital, Kabul. Afghanistan produced 90% of the world's opium in 2004. In a similar operation in Pakistan, officials say around 26 tons of narcotics were burned in Karachi. Afghan President Hamid Karzai has predicted a big drop this year in the poppy crop that is the basis for making opium. Thirty tons of seized drugs were burned outside Kabul on Sunday, an official statement said. Which included 13 tons of opium, 9 tons of hashish, 2 tons of heroin and 6 tons of other drugs.