Bewitched boardrooms as CEOs use magic, psychics

I don’t want to knock a good hustle but damn $385/hr. . . ?

Corporate Australia is turning to the occult in a bid to boost its bottom line, employing psychics and witches as alternative business consultants. Self-employed professionals, small business owners and executives in major, publicly listed companies are among those joining an expanding network of "covens" organised by businesswoman and self-described witch, Stacey Demarco. The former public relations manager turned pagan and author of There's A Witch In The Boardroom said people were looking for new ways to combine spiritual values with their material success. "There's a belief out there that you can't be spiritual and make money at the same time," Ms Demarco said. "Our spiritual practice isn't like that." Elsewhere, Sydney-based psychic and former lawyer, Alana Fairchild, is providing "intuitive diagnostics" sessions to large corporations, focusing on personnel issues. Charging up to $385 per hour, she uses intuition to detect problems or "blockages" within the organizational structure.