Chicago Public Schools Receive Failing Grade

By the time a child in CPS is a Junior in High school they have a 70% chance of being a functional illiterate.

Chicago reading scores surge?!? Yeah into the toilet.

When I was in the public school system there was a ten point scale:

A = 100 – 90%

B = 89 – 90

C = 79 – 70

D = 69 – 60

F = 59 – 0

This is the biggest crock of @%^$!&#&!%^! This is what you get when you pay teachers 35K per year and have no time to spend with your child because you are between shifts, getting in at 8 or later. If education is important then lobby your politicians to stop paying publishing companies and pay for quality teachers then, force them to protect your jobs and allow for negotiation of an 8 hour day (remember that concept). You’ll pass laws for safety belts, bike helmets, car seats, and video games but you’ll let them mis-educate your child? Politicians and bureaucrats have made this one clear. They will fuck over your child as long as you let them. This one is on us.