The Great Migration

Upon my return to America I watch the fallout from Katrina and the plight of Black folk in its aftermath and am reminded of DuBois’ ominous question from the Souls of Black Folk: How does it feel to be a problem? Not since WWII has such a migration occurred. Make no mistake about it this is the next great migration, with the middle passage, the Indian wars, reconstruction, WWII, and the civil rights flight between 1950 and 1980 a massive relocation of populations of African Americans is now taking place. The problem or the challenge for the African American community is to manage the transition. With the prevailing sentiment in America to relocate African Americans to segregated suburbs away from major business centers and affluent communities the challenge will be to manage our relocation in such a way as to create a self sustaining, self protecting community that can withstand the new agenda for the new millennium. In essence we must learn from history and not be relegated to reservations and become the serfs of America once again. If we do not protect the interest, property and constitutional and human rights of the poorest and most dispossessed of our people then we may find ourselves in stadiums, abandoned military bases, land fills, and the most environmentally inhospitable regions in America. If America wants to deny its obligations to the least of its citizens then it is our responsibility to continue the African American legacy of defending the American ideal as we see it – a nation of equality, humanity and justice where all can thrive. Keep the faith Baby!

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