She’s having a baby

Maybe old Tom is on to something. I laughed my ass off when he took to Oprah’s couch jumping up and down like a mad man. Now he and Katie Holmes are expecting. In a world where women are taking to the career path with passionate zeal, more and more men are tired of the game. What the hell is great about living in an office? There is no company loyalty, the work is shit and they drive you like a slave. The days of the typical 9 to 5 are gone. Most people I know work close to 12 hour days (commute included). There was a reason people fought for the 8 hour work day. So 12 hours at the office 6 hours of sleep 6 hours family time? I read about that somewhere, it was called slavery.

I know but you’re making a ton of money.

So while cadres of “modern” or “post-modern” women are climbing their way to glory and fortune more and more men are opting for, dare I say it, families. We don’t know why Tom adopted his first children but clearly he’s into family. So now he is rich as shit with a young woman and about to have a kid. Unlike those of us consigned to the rat race, he can do the family thing all day. Katie’s young, he’s got time . . . OK I’d be jumping my ass off too.