White Sox Sweep Red Sox: Fuck Boston!

To: The City of Big Shoulders

Na na na na; na na na na; hey hey hey goood byyyye! Ozzy !!

Dearly beloved we are gathered together to celebrate this thing we call life. Electric word life it means forever and that’s a mighty long time. So if the elevator tries to break you down . . .

Ain’t nobody else talkin’ shit like this. Should we apologize? FUCK IT just leave ‘em pissed.

There are a few things in life which bring me joy, you know . . . enthusiasms. A beautiful women, a baby’s smile, a warm summer day and those half hearted East coast dilettantes from Boston getting swept by the Men in Black. Am I grinning? Ear to ear Baby! Yes, they may have a world championship title, but when they faced the Southside (represent!) well . . . I’ll say it this way . . . 3-0. Out manned, out gunned, and out spent – still it's about Heart. SOX WIN!!!!

There are those who love Boston as if it were something more than a pale imitation of New York, the homestead of murderous, puritanical, inept Pilgrims, or the wellspring of genocidal, racist, maniacs (read Puritans). But every Blue moon, every (under)dog will have their day. Do or die.

To the Southsiders out there enjoy the day!

Sox Win! Sox Win!